ThisisMe (thisisme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Spot/cyst/blister and persisting red marks

I have had what I thought was a spot on one bum cheeks in the cleft for just over a week now. I'm not talking a little pimple, but a big painful mass. This is not uncommon for me and has been on/off for 5 years and the swollen mass can often get to just under the size of a golf ball and can be very painful. However, I looked at it today and it seems a bit like a blister - some loose skin and some fluid.

Does anyone know what these might be caused by and how I can help it because it is very painful to sit/walk and makes me very shy about getting intimate with someone. I don't have any STI's and I have alright personal hygiene, shower at least once a day but don't use anything special down there, maybe I should? I have quite a round bottom and was wondering if it could be due to underwear irritating the areas.

I'm also on depo-provera for the last year (on HBC for 6 or 7 years) and I believe my skin has been weird since. I never had "teenage skin" but I have it now. And the problem is I get a lot of ingrowns, and a few spots on my face, and they disappear but the red/purple marks stay there for years. So these spots on my bottom concern me as I will be left with purple marks which I'm worried will scare people off. Does anyone know what might cause this/have this problem or know how I can avoid them or make them less visible afterwards?

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