identify yourself by other means (buendiabanana) wrote in vaginapagina,
identify yourself by other means

Loads of Yeast with No Itch?

Hi there. I'm traveling so don't really have the option of going to a clinic right now to get checked out, which I know I should, so maybe someone here has dealt with this and can tell me what needs to happen?

Starting at the end of two cycles ago, my cunt started smelling super super strong. Like, an hour after I shower and put on clean clothes I can smell it, and by the end of the day I need to shower and change again to not offend people. It smells yeasty. There's no itch, there's no swelling, but there's tons of fluid (it's thick and a whitish clear) and tons of yeast that both comes out naturally with the fluid, or if I stick my fingers up there they'll come out covered with it. But still, no itch.

Is it just a super prolonged yeast infection? Will it go away? Is it more serious than that? Is it candidiasis? How should I deal with it (I still have another month of traveling)?

If anyone has suggestions, thanks!
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