damsel_ophelia (damsel_ophelia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Endometriosis and NuvaRing or Mirena?

Hi all,

About 9 years ago, I had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with stage II endometriosis.  It went into remission after giving birth to my daughter 7 years ago.  The endometriosis seems to be making a recurrence.  Nothing has shown up on ultrasound (which is pretty common for this), and instead of doing another laparoscopy, my current GYN wants me to get the Mirena IUD.  She also thought the NuvaRing might be helpful, but leans towards the IUD.  I'm not thrilled with this for a few reasons - I am no longer in need of any birth control method (I had my tubes tied in 2004 and have not had any sexual contact with a male since 2005) and I have reacted badly to other forms of HBC in the past (I can't absorb the pill due to digestive issues, I was suicidal on DepoProvera, and bled heavily on the patch).  Also, due to severe issues with anemia, I go to the hospital quarterly to get iron injections and can't afford to lose any more blood than I already do!

Have any of you gone on the NuvaRing or Mirena *solely* for treatment of endometriosis? 

(I also need to vent a minute about my experience with this GYN - the day I visited her I had to defer the pelvic exam because my period decided to show up somewhere between peeing before I went into the exam room and when she started to insert the speculum, which is not her fault at all, but the determination of how to treat this was made without doing an internal first, without even palpating my abdomen, and without doing any bloodwork...she did email the next day to suggest going for a blood count, which I did.  Yes, I have a past history of this but there are other things this could be - the pain is much more on the right side and I still have my appendix.)
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