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Generic nuvaring?

Good morning! I have been lurking here for a few days, and you all are amazingly helpful!

I am interested in trying NuvaRing, but was wondering if there is a generic available, or if it is all brand name. I was on depo for about 8 years - loved it but it gave me HORRIBLE back acne (didn't realize that was the cause until I switched, lol). I switched t find something that was less likely to make me gain weight, and now I am on mono-nessa. It's fine, but I was so used to not having to do anything for B/C daily, I'd like to see what else I can try.

And I prefer not having my period (haven't had it in 10 years due to the depo - my Dr said nothing wrong with this, so I never take the placebo pills, just the active ones every day).

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