Katrina (katrina_splat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Fibroadenoma thoughts

Hi there,

I discovered a fibroadenoma in my breast probably 18 months ago or so...It's been biopsied, and ultrasounded twice. I am yet to chase up my second ultrasound (unfortunately due to bad luck I didn't have my first ultrasound on hand when I got my second done) but the doctor said it had grown quite a bit...it's now up to about 2.5cms in size off the top of my head.

I've chased up all the web has to offer, does anyone have any personal experience/advice about these kind of lumps? Could it have been caused by the fact I took HBC from about the age of 17-21 (have now gone off it)? What are the chances of it diminishing, what are the chances of it growing back if it's removed? I've heard so much different information online.

The doctors I spoke to (GPs) both said as long as it didn't bother me mentally, there was no physical dire need to remove it. Risk gets higher as I get older for it cause problems, but I'm not sure what they'd be outside of it getting so large it might start to be obvious in appearance. It shouldn't interfere with breastfeeding, and fibroadenoma cells are no more likely to turn into cancer than the rest of the breast...but if cancer does form there, it's already inside a lump so I won't notice it...Should I just have it out now?

If you have a fibroadenoma and are choosing to live with it, why?

Many many thanks :).
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