puddlejumper^^ (un_solved) wrote in vaginapagina,

over-active sexdrive?

I have a question because as of lately I realized that something is kind of... odd about my sex drive.

I want sex all the time.

Like, all the time. For as long as I can remember (I started masturbating and actively realizing that I was dong it a few months before my period started at age 12).

So during my teenager years (Well, I'm going to be 20 in two months so I'm technically still a teenager) I just thought I was well, young and constantly horny. I went through a phase where I masturbated just because there was nobody home and I could relax. Not primarily because I was horny. But most if the time I really am just... in the mood.

Then I thought it would change once I started having sex and everything would regulate itself.

But it didn't seem to happen. I've been in a relationship with a very healthy sex life for 6 months now and I still find myself in odd situations where, in retrospect, I'm scared of myself.

For example, I can't come through intercourse but very easily if the Boy fingers me and I stimulate my clit. It doesn't happen every time we have sex but every few days and it's wonderful. Still, two or three times after sex where I still felt so aroused that I couldn't control myself I went to the bathroom and took care of myself. And felt bad about it.

On another occasion (because the above thing in itself I think isn't that terrible, I could've asked for his help after all...) he was sick and not in the mood and sleeping while I was keeping him company and suddenly felt the urge to masturbate. On two different days.

I remember having trouble in school a few times when I just couldn't focus and kept thinking about sex. (Again, I thought it was normal)

But when I think about my routine now, the facts are that I masturbate twice a day when I have the time. At least once. Yesterday I did it while taking a bath, then had a satisfying phone conversation with my boyfriend AND STILL used my vibrator before going to bed. This was when I started getting worried.

Long story short, am I still in the range of normal or is something about my hormones off? I do have my FIRST gyno appointment next week but would be really embarassed to have to bring this up since the first time is going to be a little awkward anyway. (I asked about BCP a while ago here to be prepared for just that appointment).

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