you're beautiful (internetporn) wrote in vaginapagina,
you're beautiful

Sex and Discharge!

Hello ladies! 

I am brand new here and sorta new to sex and so I have a question!

I started having sex in July and have always heard that you should pee right afterwards to better prevent a UTI.  Well last night, I fell asleep and didn't get a chance to for several hours, more than any other time after I have had sex.  So, when I went to pee, I noticed that there was a sticky film that came out, along with the urine.  My 20 year old friend (I'm 21) informed me that semen obviously comes out if the guy ejaculates inside of you (this makes sense to me, I just had never thought of it before!) and since I've always used condoms, I've never really had anything like that fall out of me.  SO.  Was it just the lubriction from the condom that I finally noticed coming out because it had been a while since I'd peed?  Is that what happens if you haven't peed in a while after sex with a condom?  I'm 99% the condom was still intact and did not break while we were having intercourse, therefore it wasn't semen... I hope! 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks!!! :D:D
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