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Question about Monistat and YI.....

As I previously posted in regards to YI, I'm dealing with a gross one. I inserted my Monistat ovule yesterday about 4pm and I'm curious about how these work exactly. Now, I've used these a hundred times but never quite figured out how they work. I know essentially the ovule "melts" and becomes a cream, but is it normal to have leakage and stuff as it sort of pushes out the YI? I've been protecting my underwear with a pantyliner but while the insane itching/burning has pretty much subsided, the inside of my labia look disgusting. What should it normally look like a day or so after insertion? There's no real smell to what's there and the outer labia look a lot better. I can't believe I'm 30 and still don't know this stuff. Thanks girls (and guys who might be out there)!
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