belle (belleforbass) wrote in vaginapagina,

Negative pregnancy 52 day cycle PCOS

Ok VPer's!
I need some help and I need it now!
I'm currently on cycle day 52, no period, I have PCOS, we believe this month is an anovulatory cycle. I'm currently TTC. This is month 9 now.
Please someone give me the best way to induce my period, so I can try again.

I feel like also adding, I'm 20 my partner is 24, we are both healthy weight range. I don't know if maybe the stress of the last 3 weeks is doing it to me, I've been working around 66 hours a week at the moment.

I'd really just like a happy ending now, its been 9 months, and I'm now scared all 9 months have be anovulatory, I've got to wait another 4 months till I get into my gyno (doctors around here, are a minimal 1-2 week wait, specialists ie gyno's are around 3-6 month wait)

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