shhake_shakkkee (shhake_shakkkee) wrote in vaginapagina,

missed period

So I had sex on October 1st with no other method of birth control but the pull out method, which I know wasn't a smart idea. I was supposed to get my period on October 14th but it has yet to come. I've been really stressing myself out this month especially these past few days worrying about whether or not my period is coming. It is literally all I can think about. I took two first response pregnancy tests one on the 15th the other on the 16th and both came out negative. I feel a little bloated and the bottom of my back hurts but no cramping. For the past two days when I wipe after peeing I have a bit of brown discharge but not much. I am just wondering what you guys think is going on with my body and if you think my period is coming or if I'm actually pregnant. Thank you all so much.
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