Alyssa Black (alyfizzy) wrote in vaginapagina,
Alyssa Black

You guys are smart.
The subject is related to you all (and I'm hoping I can get some feedback or suggestions for this plan) but my real question isn't really vag related. Mods delete if you want.

I am freaking out over menstrual cups and cloth pads. I love them. Just switched over and I want to tell the world (my facebook friends are already tiring of my incessant advertising).
So what I want to do, is create a mini brochure about cloth pads and cups and start sticking them to the packages of pads and tampons at various grocery stores around my city, maybe even when I go on road trips. Maybe even in women's restrooms. Or leave them in coffee shops next to everyone's business cards.

I know, I'm weird, I just want to spread the word. So here's two parts: First I am opening the floor to your suggestions as far as what to write, how to design it, things like that, tell me what convinced YOU to switch, tell me how you got your reluctant mom or friend to try it.

The second part which is not directly related to this community is, I wonder about the legality of sticking this in grocery stores. I'm pretty sure it is not legal to be sticking brochures to a big grocery stores products. Anyone know about this?
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