celly (unheardcry) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control concerns and i need help!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. My periods were the worst part of my 16 year old selfs life. I went to my doctor and she referred me to a gyno, who put me onto a lowdose of Yaz. For the past two years up to June I took those pills religiously every day at 6pm. My periods lessened, my face had no pimples, my PMS was low, i had hardly any cramping or doubling over in pain..It was fantastic.
This past year in June I decided to stop taking the pills for 2 months just to see how my body would react, and if I would still have the crazy cramps and awful all over the place periods. I didnt! In June I had a 4 day light, happy period. I was relieved. In July, I also had a light happy period. So figured hm, I'll go into August without taking the pills. Halfway into it my mom came home from the gyno and said my gyno was switching me to LoSeasonique, and she was going to start on Yaz.
So i read the pamphlet, and was pretty stoked, only 4 periods a year?!?! I can definitely handle that. So after a super happy and short period in August, I started the pill in September. My mother also started her journey on Yaz in September.
This is where I start getting extremely worried about things. I went through September just fine, and as did my mom..until the end of September. My mother passed out and was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms from the Yaz. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and is now on blood-thinner therapy to thin out the blood clots in her lungs.
During the second week of October, I started my period. And I havent stopped. It is the WORST PERIOD OF MY LIFE. I'm passing huge clots, and bleeding extremely heavy. I'm going through at least 4 super tampons a day. While I'm driving, sitting, eating, walking, etc I have the worst cramps ever that seem to vibrate throughout my entire cervix.
So i called my gyno. Shes out of town for a week so I got to talk to a nurse who kept putting me on hold after all of my questions. I explained to her what was happening and she said its normal, and to just keep taking the pill. I told her I was clotting and experiencing heavy bleeding and cramping, she said showed concern and put me on hold. She comes back and says its normal and if I want to to keep taking the pill, or i could switch back to Yaz. I explained to her that I was on Yaz for 2 years for my PCOS, and what had happened to mom she put me on hold yet again and came back saying she would leave a note for my doctor, who will call me back as soon as shes back into the office.

So I turn to you ladies. What should I do? What are your experiences with LoSeasonique? Experiences with switching from Yaz? Is what I'm experiencing normal or should I stop taking birth control all together?
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