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Hey everyone...

I've never posted here before... I hope this type of post is ok. I have looked/lurked in this comm for a while and everyone has seemed so kind, inviting and supportive!

I just went for my first obgyn appointment yesterday and talked to her about going on birth control. We decided that I was going to try the nuva ring. I called back after I left asking when I should put it in. The person I talked to said that the first day after my next period ends is when I should put it in before I start the 3 weeks in- 1 week out pattern.

Was anyone else really nervous before starting nuva ring? I'm scared of putting it in wrong and messing it up! Has anyone else had worries like this or am I just being immature and young?

I guess what I'm simply hoping for is a bit of support... :-/ Hope that's ok.
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