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Need help with birth control decison

I'm going to get on new birth control again. I really need something that is less likely to make me gain weight, lose my libido, and make me crazy. I was on OTC a long time ago, and I had really bad reactions to it. My hair fell out, I was an emotional *wreck*, enough so for my boyfriend of 9 months to leave me.

I was thinking Yasmin, as I've heard good things. I tried looking on the site that talks about the levels of hormone in each pill, but I'm pretty bad with that stuff and I don't really understand what each hormone affects and which to go with. My libido right now is about average - on some days fairly high. And my weight is insane, as are my cramps/flow during my period - my flow comes out in massive clots at times, and my cramps usually leave me bedridden, or consuming entire bottles of 40 ibuprofen over a few days (bad I know, but it was all they'd prescribe me for fear I was a junkie -_-). I gained 40lbs in a month last year. I've tried Nuvaring and I think Ocella? The Nuvaring was amazing for a while, then I started getting really moody on it, so I switched to the Ocella. I didn't have much of a libido toward the end of my Nuvaring usage, nor on Ocella, but that may have been discontent with my relationship at the time.

Ahh. I'm just so confused! Please help :( my OB/GYN is a great lady, but she's not very vocal about why she's prescribing me a particular birth control, and I'd like to be better informed when I go in this time.

edit: am also reading that there are a lot of issues with yasmin/yaz/ocella as far as clots and such go. i saw a commercial just the other day come to think of it. so now i'm even more confused!
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