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Pregnancy Paranoia and whatsits.

It is mostly just my paranoia that's encouraging me to post, but I thought I'd confirm with you knowledgeable people anyways. It's been driving me up the wall ever since it happened, and it couldn't hurt to have a second opinion.

First off, I'm a virgin. I have yet to have sex and I won't be until I'm on birth control (that's a whole different story, though). My boyfriend and I have been slowly building up to becoming more comfortable with each other. We haven't been completely naked with each other, mostly we just lose our shirts and cuddle or make-out in boxers/pants, or jammie shorts, respectively. A couple of weeks ago we started going a little further than usual and while my boyfriend was rubbing against my stomach, I could feel that his boxers were a little wet from precum. A bit later, he was actually over me and pressed against my bits and pieces.

This is the bit that has me worried. Though, I was wearing shorts + underwear (a thong, I kicked myself later for that poor choice), and he was wearing boxers, I still end up worrying myself sick the next morning for possible pregnancy. I'm half worried, half calling myself an idiot over it, but I get anxious over the most idiotic things.

See, I know that precum doesn't contain sperm unless it picked it up along the urethra from a previous ejaculation and urinating takes care of that. My boyfriend had gone to the bathroom after the movie we went to, so he had urinated a hour or so before.

From what I read, sperm doesn't and can't travel through clothing, unless it is soaked (?). Seeing as there was three layers of clothing (though I'm not precisely sure if my shorts had folded awkwardly and were missed entirely), neither my shorts nor my underwear were wet.

Plus, though I know there are exceptions (which worries/pisses me off - I'm 90% sure I don't want children ever), sperm technically needs to be in the vagina and able to swim by the cervix and lounge about for an egg to hobble along for pregnancy to occur. I frankly have no idea when I ovulate (should probably fix that), so that just adds to the worry-mountain.

I'm expecting my period in the next few days, but my period is a jerk and likes to give me sore boobs and cramps 3-7 days before it actually arrives, which of course, doesn't help with my paranoia. I'd just really appreciate any opinions that you fine ladies deem to share.

I've expressed my paranoia to my boyfriend and had him promise to not poke me again with his peenor (I like that word :P) until I'm on BC or until I give the thumbs up.

This is turning into a long post, but since I'm at it, I think I read that one of the mods here is from Winnipeg and is involved in Woman's Health in the city? Well, I'm in Winnipeg, and could use some advice on finding a doctor if any advice could be given.

Thank you in advance, by the way.
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