Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

/not/ taking birth control + kidney? pain

i usually stack my pills, but i took a weekend off (unintentionally, due to forgetting the pills at my college when i went home!)
so i didn't take a pill friday, saturday, sunday, or monday of this last weekend. when i got back tuesday i took my pill on time that day and again yesterday.

i got a period sunday night lasting monday and part of tuesday that's already gone, but the cramps were horrible. i also was really emotional monday (i cried at the cell phone commercial where the little girl's dog is found. really) and i felt nauseated sunday night, really badly (at nothing specific, i was standing on someone's porch in the middle of a conversation when i started feeling like i was going to throw up).

yesterday i noticed i was feeling a little nauseated, again. last night when i went to bed my back hurt a little, around where i suppose my kidney is. i assumed it was a muscle cramp and ignored it. i went to bed at like 1.

well, i ended up tossing and turning until about 5 in the morning, when the pain finally woke me up. i was almost crying and bent over holding myself in pain. it was definitely not a muscle cramp. i put hot compresses on my side/back and they helped a little bit but not a lot. finally about 6:30 i staggered down the hall and took the hottest bath i could, along with three tylenol and a quart or so of water.

the pain went away enough for me to sleep, and i woke up about noon (yay for late classes). my side/back felt tender and uncomfortable but not OH MY GOD PAIN, so i assumed it was some random thing that went away on its own and didn't go to the school's health center.

well, i've been feeling a little nauseated all day, and it's getting worse steadily. also, the pain's coming back. it's throbbing pain, if that helps, and i'm 99% sure it's in my kidney area, although my anatomy sucks.

what the heck is (possibly) going on with my body? is this some sort of wierd effect from not taking and then taking the birth control? i'm assuming it might be related to that because of the timing.

is this a kidney infection? i don't know how i could have one... my urine seems normal. i just had a UTI treated and it went away. i am peeing a bit more than usual, but that could be because i've been drinking a lot today - water makes me less nauseated, and yes i know that makes me odd.

i'm at my wit's end here. this morning the pain was bad enough that i was going to get our campus safety to call the hospital. i don't know if i can deal with it again.

*headdesk* the pain is on /my/ left side, forgot to say that.
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