Sarah (bravelove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Garlic for YI and male version of vaginapagina?

Hi there! :)

So I'm pretty sure I have a yeast infection. I've had two prior to this, although it's been a while. (I'm more of a recurrent UTI kind of gal :/) Anyways, today is my 2nd day using garlic as a remedy. I inserted two cloves yesterday - one in the morning and one at night. It seems to be working great! Less itchy-ness whenever a clove is inside me. However, I just inserted a clove about 15 minutes ago and I'm having a sort of stinging/burning sensation in my vagina. Is this normal? I didn't feel a thing the first two times so I was just curious if this is a regular type of sensation when using garlic and I somehow got lucky the first couple times...? Do you think it will fade over the next hour or so? Should I take it out?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, almost forgot: I'm pretty sure it was my boyfriend who gave me the yeast infection. Two days ago, after we had sex, he noticed a couple of red bumps on the shaft of his penis (not the head). At the time, they only itched when he had an erection but today he's been itchy since he woke up. We just went to the store for some diaper rash ointment in the hopes it will soothe him. He doesn't have health insurance for another 3 weeks so a trip to the doc isn't really an option right now. I know his problem isn't vagina related, so I was curious if there was a community similar to this but specifically for penis/male-bodied issues and discussions? He'd really like some tips from guys who are/have been in the same boat. Thanks again! :)
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