ol' cooter eye/ach the great (insomniamilk) wrote in vaginapagina,
ol' cooter eye/ach the great

new to the heterosexual/HBC swing of things

hey y'all. what a lovely community you've got here.

i was with women sexually until this past april, when i became intimate with a close male friend of mine. i'm really happy to have started this sexual relationship, and we are very open and communicative with one another.

my period was almost four days late this previous period, when i was waiting for it to start Loestrin24. come october 4th, a sunday, i see blood, do a little happy dance in my bathroom and take the pill at approximately 2:15. (it could have been 2:16, but i have been taking the pill at 2:15--no more than one or two minutes after.) it was great because Loestrin has a sunday start, and if you start your period and the BC on a sunday, the package says no additional backup is required for those next seven days. i also asked my provider when it would be safe to have condomless sex--she said if i started them the day i started my period, i was covered for that month.

i asked my partner to get checked for STIs (he's been with four other women) at the beginning of the year. he did, and we are both without STIs. (i've been checked twice--i checked right after we had sex w/a condom for the first time over the summer.)

we had unprotected sex and he came inside of me on the 12th (9 days after i started the pill on the first day of my period). i have been taking the pill everyday when my alarm goes off at 2:15--and like i said, the very first day is the only day i can imagine that it wasn't exactly 2:15. i read the pamphlets and online resources several times before i decided it was safe to have him come in me. however, i'm still a little paranoid. any thoughts? wrist-slaps? reassurances? or experiences with Loestrin24?

i am currently on no other medications except for a homeopathic remedy (calc carb 6c), and some stuff to help with digestion. i let my naturopath know i was probably going to go on low-estrogen HBC, so she could prepare for that. she gave me a B-Complex #12 vitamin which i have not been taking for these days i've been on HBC, because she recommended it solely on the fact that HBC can sometimes mess up your B-intake. (not on the basis that if i didn't take it i would get pregnant.)

thanks again. :)

EDIT: forgot to mention. i wanted to induce my period so i drank a shit-ton of parsley tea on the second. no dice. then bought some black cohosh extract on the third, two several whopping doses of the foul stuff. period started on the 4th. a friend mentioned maybe i just induced a miscarriage instead. hmmm. i doubt it--i have a bit of a come fetish and asked for him to come on my stomach/chest a few times, so unless some come magically swam up there...

but i thought i'd mention it. thanks dears.
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