Amy (one_in92and95) wrote in vaginapagina,

Trich test came back negative - still have symptoms though

 Hello VPers :)

A while ago I posted about having green discharge, and on your urging (thanks!) was tested for trich, gonorrhea, and something else, maybe BV (they took three swabs, but I can't remember what the third was for). Miraculously, on the day of my internal exam, the god-awful green goo seemed to have cleared up a bit, so the Dr. didn't really get to see the full effect. Regardless, she said there was no overwhelming smell and it seemed to be the egg-white type discharge coming from my cervix, and the more viscous, gooey stuff near the bottom of my vagina, so she wasn't sure where the thick stuff was coming from. This was mid-late September, probably around the twentieth or so. I had to wait a week for my results, which came back clear, but they still wanted to me to see a gynecologist (as this was just an std test done at my primary healthcare provider's office).  The gynecologist can't take me until November 9th, and I'm a little worried, besides being annoyed that there's clearly something up with my vagoo but they won't take me sooner. 

The seriously green-colored stuff has cleared up, but I'm still getting crazy amounts of discharge, some with yellowish or light green tints. Any ideas as to what my vagina is doing?!?!

Thanks so much for the help : )
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