oopsiedaisies7 (oopsiedaisies7) wrote in vaginapagina,

How does one go about finding a gynecologist?!

I am overdue for my annual exam by about 6 months because I have to find a new gynecologist (AND a new GP, but I'll probably let that go for a few years...). I have been intending on making an appointment with a new doctor for a while, but last week when I made the executive decision to *actually* make an appointment last week, I realized that I have no idea how to decide which one to choose!

I can only find lists online of OB/Gyns in my area, so the only information I have to go on is the doctors' genders, schooling, and what insurance they accept. I don't care about where they received their degrees, my insurance seems to be widely accepted, and I am only willing to go to a female doctor, so I haven't narrowed down the list very much. I checked the gynecologist directory here on VP, but there is none listed for my state, let alone my city...

My mom's doctor is male, and my local friends either don't see a gynecologist yet or go to our university's health center (which doesn't accept outside insurance...) so I don't really have anyone to ask.

SO, VPers, how did you choose your doctor? Should I just pick the one with the coolest name? The one who went to the same college that one of my friends is attending? The youngest one? I have six within a 20-mile radius to choose from....
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