Blaine (eggsnail) wrote in vaginapagina,

Smoking on the Pill.

Hello wonderful VPers! So, I have a confession. I'm a smoker, and I take HBC. I have got to quit smoking, and I'm trying to work myself up to it (I have no resolve - it's awful) but I was just curious about how many ladies there are in the world who struggle with knowing that they need to quit smoking, especially because it increases the risk of blood clots and stroke in women who are taking HBC. So, any HBC smokers in here?

Have any of you quit smoking specifically because you started taking HBC? Any words of wisdom for me? It might be prudent to note that my husband smokes as well, but being on HBC (and having had two heart aneurysms as a child as a result of Kawasaki Syndrome - both of which healed up) I know I need to quit.

Thanks everyone! Hope this isn't too off topic.
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