ladyleota (ladyleota) wrote in vaginapagina,

i really could use your help ladies

Hi all
im having a bit of a problem and i was hoping to get some reassurance from you wonderful ladies.
I am currently on Seasonale, and am four days into my white pills, i usually have my period right now, but so far it hasnt shown up.  Last week i had some light cramping and was eating everything in sight like i usually do during pms, but then nothing happened.  Right now i am not sexually active, and the last time i was was over a month ago, i took my pills a bit late those days, but we used a condom as back up everytime.  during the spring i got the first two shots of gardisil,but did not get the third because when i got the second i got intense pain in my arm, which ended up causing my shoulder and arm to hurt fairly bad for a few days.  I have heard about other women on seasonale missing their periods because no lining builds up to shed, but i am getting a bit nervous,  I have missed my period before on seasonale when i was not sexually active
do any of you have any ideas,
also i have been a bit stressed from school lately, and my weight has been up and down by about five pounds lately.
thanks all,
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