candyod (candyod) wrote in vaginapagina,

Issues with lubrication

Hello, ladies!
Well I have happened upon a rather frustrating dilemma. But first some background.
My SO and I have been sexually active for roughly three months now, we use bc pills and pre-lubed condoms. Up until recently everything was A-ok, but here is the issue. The last time we had sex, everything started ok but I got dry really, really fast. To the point where he stopped before I even asked him to, because he knew it had to be uncomfortable for me. So we changed condoms, and even the little bit of lube on the condom didn't help, so we went for even more backup and got some lube and tried that, but here is where it got even more strange. The extra lube we used made me burn like heck and needless to say things stopped there because I was in too much pain. It was extremely frustrating, this has never happened before. Could I have been so raw from earlier that the lube irritated me? But I don't even know why I was having issues to begin with, because I was quite thoroughly ready for sex.

I'm trying to be as descriptive as possible without being graphic. But really, any feedback or advice would be appreciated. My SO was understanding and didn't push the issue, but I was really bummed. We don't get much time to ourselves and this past experience was really a let-down, so I'd like to fix the problem.
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