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Diane 35 or Marvelon to suppress endogenous hormones/regulate YIs and UTIs

Hi VP!

I'm currently using Monistat to treat my sixth or seventh yeast infection since February and am feeling my third UTI in that same time frame coming on. I went to health services at my university to tend to what I thought was also strep throat last week, and the doctor I saw suggested that I try a high-dose birth control.
I told him that I'd had to go off both the Ortho-evra patch and nuva-ring because of the horrible depression I went into on each of them and he told me that that confirmed his suspicion: he believes, paradoxically, that my dose actually wasn't HIGH enough. He thinks it should work to suppress my endogenous hormones, which he also believes are the cause of my yeast infections seeing as they occur despite all preventative measures around the third day of my period every single cycle.
He recommended Diane 35 or Marvelon.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Has anyone ever heard of a suggestion like this before? I can't seem to find any research/literature to back this up and though I'm scared of potentially devastating side effects again, if I can finally find a form of hormonal birth control (I am sexually active) that eliminates these yeast infections without leaving me depressed.. well, I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

EDIT: It could be that he said androgynous and not endogenous. I may have misheard due to his accent.
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