I <3 environmental design (disenchantedgrl) wrote in vaginapagina,
I <3 environmental design

dark mark on mons

Hey vp-ers,

So recently I decided to shave the mons area to keep up with the usual upkeep and I noticed that there's  a dark patch around the mons, I wouldn't call it a rash per se, it's a dark brown and the skin is a little flaky. 

Now I'm wondering if this is something to be concerned I noticed that the skin was dry and I figured it wasn't such a big problem because I get dry skin when the weather changes but it is in a different area.  

Just to help out here's some extra info: I'm not experiencing any headaches, fever or  any vaginal discharge of any kind. A few weeks ago i used hair removal but i didn't have a reaction at the time and it was on the mons and nowhere else.

I'm not worrying right now but if there's a reason to be concerned let me know. I guess what I'm looking for right now is what I can do to help it out.

*edit* I also notice this on my right foot as well :(.
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