Shelley French (blue_squiggle) wrote in vaginapagina,
Shelley French

The Patch - Itchiness is driving me insane!!

I started using the Patch a few days ago, after having my dreaded Implanon removed, and was warned of some skin irritation.. but it is REALLY itchy and I keep scratching and forgetting my Patch is there, and am worrying I'm at somepoint going to scratch so hard that my Patch falls off...

Does this go away once I have been using the Patch for a while? Is there anything I could do to soothe it? I know that when I change it I have to put it on different areas of my body except for my breasts.. I'm just worried that I am going to be plagued with itching!

Why do us girls have to go through so much bother and 'suffering' to protect ourselves from pregnancy? Guh. I wish guys had to have things inserted or stuck on their bodies instead of us!
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