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Possible Pregnancy of the very unlikely sort.

Heyyyyy, Superstars! 

Okay, so. I was sexually active about two weeks ago.

I am on Mononessa, and am pretty good about taking my pills-- say, I take each pill within 2 hours of the other (within a frame of like, 8:00 to 10:00) and missed a pill by 6 hours a few days after the incident(s) in question. Until last month, I took Oxy Tri-Cyclen Lo, but was switched when I switched pharmacies. I had some spotting in the beginning of the pill pack, but it settled down.

In addition, we're using condoms-- however, the odd combination of me + him means that we're losing condoms a lot-- they're staying stuck in me when he pulls out.

These incidences being: 

1. In which he ejaculates, and we don't 'disengage' for several minutes. When he pulls out, the condom stays in me. After a few awkward seconds of me dripping ejaculate onto his belly, I roll over, pull out the condom and everything is fine.
2. Various times, he pulls out (while changing position or what-have-ye) and the condom stays in me. We pull it out and replace it and keep going.
3. And thirdly, the kicker being-- we had a bout of condom-less intercourse-- however, he pulled out well  before he ejaculated, and came on my belly. I know that withdrawal is 83% (or so) percent effective as sole means of contraception with typical use. But with birth control, the risks are... yeah.

So, this is when you reassure me. After typing this out, I feel silly. But if I can't feel silly here, then... where can I?

As of right now, my period is missing in action. However, the acidity of my discharge has gone through the roof (like right before I menstruate normally), and I've gotten my two period pimples (two pimples that occur IN THE SAME SPOT every single month. blurg.) However, in some sort of fit of stupidity, I started my new BC pack right after finishing my old one, not taking the placebo pills. When I do this, I normally get a bit of spotting. And by a bit of spotting, I mean my normal period. I'm wondering if the period is just so light that it's not actually showing up, since I seem to have many of the 'symptoms ' (pimples, weird pH), or just not coming because of stacking/being sexually active for the first time/blah/college/weight loss... but I could at this point take a pregnancy test and have it be effective, just to soothe my mind, right?

Also, happy news! I've switched insurances, and my new insurance will cover an IUD for me! So I have my consultation next week at PP to talk to the NP about having some crazy effective anti-baby stuff done. You know you're a superstar when you're explaining it to the boy and you're like "they're going to SOUND my UTERUS! it's like... ECHOLOCATION! for your UTERUS!" and he's like... uh...

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