Tara (mykissmightkill) wrote in vaginapagina,

plan b and how it works

Just a quick question,

Does this sound like a good explanation of how plan B works:

"Plan B works by trying to prevent ovulation from occurring after you've had sex, and by making your body inhospitable to the fertilized egg so that it cannot implant in your uterus."

This is someone else's description of how plan b works (sounds like the way regular hbc pills work), not my own explanation. I'm asking because a friend of mine (who will be a nurse by the end of next semester) says that it does something else to keep you from getting pregnant also and its not just like a large dose of bc. She believes that there is something  else in the Plan B that keeps you from getting pregnant. She was very adamant about this b/c she and I were discussing pregnancy and how she would never take plan b b/c god forbid she stops a Possible pregnancy from happening, and then could never get pregnant after that, she would feel horribly guilty.

I tried looking up a better description but that was the only detailed one! Can anyone give me a good description if the above one isn't a good/correct explanation.

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