pretendworld_ (pretendworld_) wrote in vaginapagina,

lichen sclerosis.

I've not had sex since April 2008 because it is absolutely painful to do so. I was diagnosed (without a biopsy - which a lot of people have told me I really should've had for a definate diagnosis) with lichen sclerosis in August 2007 after experiencing a frequent burning sensation whenever I urinated. I was tested for STD'S and also UTI/bladder problems etc. I saw several specialists before being diagnosed. Anyhow, I was prescribed steroid cream to use daily which to be honest, hasn't done much. Lichen slcerosis is something that isn't a constant issue. There are times (during my period, whenever I'm stressed or wear non-cotton underwear) where the lichen sclerosis becomes pretty damn painful. The burning sensation has gone but has been replaced with atrophy (my labia minora has all but disappeared) and small paper-like cuts around my bits.

This is really affecting my love life (not that I've had one since April 2008) and I've all but given up on the hope of ever having pain-free sex again. I've tried natrual remedies and take several different vitamins to help with my skin. Doctors here just do not know what they are on about. I've joined a few online support groups and it is there that I discovered how much success a lot of suffers have found by using estrogen cream in conjunction with the steroid cream. The estrogen cream helps repair the skin and prevent any atrophy from occuring, and it can also reverse some of the damage which has already happened. I have tried to get a prescription for estrogen but doctors absolutely refuse to give me any saying that I'm too young and that there's no strong evidence it does any good - yet it's prescribed to a lot of women with other vulval conditions.

What the hell do I do?
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