mypinksock (mypinksock) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mid-cycle bleeding?

 Today I have had some very light spotting.  At first it was only when I wiped myself and I saw a tad bit of pink on the TP, but then it got a little heavier and there is a bit in my panties.  I have never, ever spotted before, except the first day of my period.  I'm pretty sure it is not my period, because that's not supposed to start until October 21 and my period has always been very regular.  Plus I don't have any cramps like I usually do on the first day of my cycle.

I've searched online and see that it could be mid-cycle spotting.  I haven't heard of this before and was wondering if it was somewhat common?  Like I said, I've never had this before and I'm wondering why it would be happening now.  I guess I'm also kind of worried because my internet searches also brought up first trimester spotting.  I am a virgin, but my boyfriend and I did some very heavy fooling around last week (around the time I was ovulating) and he said his tip slipped in a little bit, but it's not like he ejaculated or anything, or even went very far in.  So I'm pretty sure it's not pregnancy (at least I hope not).  I also wondered if the bleeding could be a result of our heavy playing, but like I said that was last week, so why would the bleeding come a week later?

Sorry for the rambling and I hope all this makes sense, I just want to make sure nothing's broken down there.  Thanks in advance.
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