Kathryn (fairlina) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth control making me lazy?

I'm on birth control and I've been on birth control for several years.  Usually the day or so before I get my period I go on a cleaning/organizing spree.  I usually spend a day scouring my house and doing all the little annoying chores that I've been putting off forever.  That's usually my first clue that my period is coming.

This month I've been bad about taking my birth control regularly.  I missed three pills three days in a row, whoops, and then all of a sudden today went on a cleaning streak.  I noticed a little blood when I went to the bathroom, which I assume is withdrawl bleeding like my period because I missed so many pills.

So does this mean that my birth control pills make me lazy, because I become so productive when I'm experiencing withdrawal?  Or do you think that's just all in my head?

I think that would be the weirdest side effect ever.  May cause weight loss/gain, less acne, and sloth.
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