hope1517 (hope1517) wrote in vaginapagina,

PMS QUESTION...Please help ease my tortured mind!

I was wondering, I'm freaking out a bit because my period hasn't come yet and I do engage in sex, although the chance of pregnancy doesnt seem that high considering I had sex maybe three times this month, all while using condoms. I know they aren't full proof, but still.

But anyway, my cycles (since tracking over the past year) lay between 29-34 days. Mostly falling on the 31st day of the cycle. Today is the 32nd day of my cycle, still no period. But I took myself not to freak until Tuesday. And I took a preg test yesterday and it was false, it gave me some relief but not entirely.

My question is, I always get PMS before my period. Sore boobs, dizzy, bloating, breast fuller,  fatugue, etc for a couple days before. But this month I've had swollen, bigger, sore breasts since Monday (so 7 days ago). They have never been this tender before, although its really not that painful haha. But I've never had them feel sore for more than a couple days before, not this long. But my other PMS has seem to gone. Also, I had light cramps yesterday and I dont really get cramps at all until my actual period arrives. Perhaps I am pregnant, or could this particular month my breasts and such be affected more? It's just weird that they hurt much more and its lasting this long?

Hopefully I get it today or tomorrow :/

Also, for those who track your cycles...how long are yours? I'm just curious!


OHH, and this is gross. But does anyone get an increase of vaginal discharge the days before your period? I seem to be getting that. I keep thinking I got my period but its just discharge, but then again this has happened to me quite often. BUt I can feel it coming out! Everytime I'm like YAY I got my period! :(
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