Jaimie (missjebbit) wrote in vaginapagina,


About 9 days ago I received a phone call from my gyno telling me that I have more of the bacteria that cause BV. I was given the option to have the prescription called in so I just accepted it, figuring that if it was there it would only get worse and they wouldn't have called if they weren't concerned.

I've never had BV so I don't know what I should have expected. I fished my 7 day pills two days ago and now I have a slight itching right at the entrance to my vagina. My boyfriend and I had sex without a condom yesterday and I noticed that the itching area bled a very little bit afterward. Is this a result of the BV or a the onset of a YI? (which I've also never had)

I'm really not feeling these new found vag issues and I haven't been doing anything different at all. So I'm fairly annoyed.

[EDIT] When you ladies say BV is painful, what kind of pain? Because I feel some in that area that itches. I'm due for my period and I'm just wondering how tampons are gonna make that feel. I refuse to use nasty pads, so please don't suggest that.
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