Lux (lord_melbury) wrote in vaginapagina,

27 & never had a period - normal or am I dying?

Er so stumbling across this place hours ago alarmed the upperclass twit side of my personality that insists the point of life is to escape it without ever being confronted or embarassed. Hours later now while high, I throw that resistance out the window and ask a question of you good people as it has always concerned me.

Given the above you'll understand why I haven't burst into a doctor's office and asked this before but then given my situation you'd be justified in telling me I'm still an idiot for having not. Just shy of being 27 years, I never get periods. This is not just a different-to-the-norm but still acceptable case is it? Some people have 11 fingers, they're not going to drop dead because of it, but I'm guessing this doesn't fall into that catergory, correct? My mother knows but she said she was the exact opposite (got it early in life and said it was a living hell - two weeks of every four kept her indoors due to losing half her body weight in blood - incidently that was far too much info for my non-experienced self, I'm like a guy, I don't know what it's like and can't handle hearing about it). So my mother told me to count myself lucky that I don't have to go through that hell and in any case I have no intention of having children. However time has passed and now it's getting ridiculous. I thought at 21 that it's probably ok, just a late starter, but it's quite clear that I'm abnormal and I'm now struck with the fear that despite enjoying the lack of what seems very inconvenient, I might just drop dead of cancer 'cause this surely can't be good.

I did go on the pill (asked for it as a contraceptive but the reason being that it supposedly gives you a kind of fake one doesn't it?) but nothing ever happened from that. So basically, please tell me that it's actually fine and that I don't need to be probed or if it really is true that I'm abnormal, you can give me the bad news.
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