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Question about depression, birth control, and Fibromyalgia

Putting this under a cut, because I'm generally really long winded.

I've been taking birth control for 6 years. I started out on a same-dose, high hormone pill, which made me COMPLETELY NUTS, and made my already awful period pains insanely worse. Then they changed me to Orthotricyclen-Lo, which I've been taking in the brand form or generic form since then.

I really like this pill, but I've finally come to admit to myself that I have depression. I did have depression when I was in high school, but it was not as bad as it is now.

My main question here is, does the birth control pill cause or contribute significantly to depression or suicidal thoughts? I was not as depressed when I started taking birth control, but I've slowly gotten worse and worse (and my husband is wonderful and always tells me I'm great and that he's proud of me, and things have finally gotten *less* stressful in my life, so I would think things would get better). Would it be a good idea to stop taking birth control for a period of time, to see if maybe the medicine may be contributing to it? Lastly, does anti-depression medicine interfere with birth control medication at all?

I haven't decided 100% that I'm going to take medication yet, but if you have suggestions for anti-depression meds that have a minimal amount of side-effects, I'd love to hear it. The one pill I know I'm not going to try is Effexor, as it had a horrible effect on my mom, and I've seen it do bad things for my husband's side of the family too. :/

Also, my mother has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and my aunt also has the same symptoms that my mother has. After looking up fibromyalgia and all the symptoms included in it, I could say that I have every symptom, just that I do not have the pain/numbness as severe as other sufferers, or as often. The thing is, I could easily say that each of those symptoms are related to something else, and not to fibromyalgia (example, even though I can't explain how I got the pain in my lower back, I could say it was from sleeping bad on it. A wedge magically appeared under the small of my back and stabbed me and that's how my back got that pain, yea, that's it ).  I worry they may get worse as time goes on, and this is something that my mum has been dealing with since I was born.

Some of these symptoms relate to birth control in a way, so I was just wondering if anyone here had fibromyalgia and experience taking birth control, and if any of the symptoms were worse/better on/off of the pill. At least I think that was my question, I kind of forgot half way through typing it up.

Thank y'all for your help. :3

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