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penis size correlation to ease of childbirth?

I had a thought the other day, and thought I'd check if anyone here knew. Is it likely/possible that if a woman were to have sex with a man who had a large(r) penis, for a period of time, and then become pregnant by him (and was therefore used to having her vagina stretched more than if she were with a man with a smaller penis) that when time came to deliver the baby, her vagina might be less likely to tear? Provided of course we're talking average size baby, noncomplicated pregnancy, etc.? Or even if a woman was used to inserting large sex toys/objects, not necessarily a penis? Of course this wouldn't affect cervical dilation, etc, but since dr.'s often advise pregnant women to massage the perineal area in the weeks before their due date, to stretch the muscles, maybe this affects it too?

I know this is a weird question, but where better to ask? I happened to notice the other night the size discrepancy in mine right after sex as opposed to normal day-to-day status, and this is the thought I had.
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