A lil' bit of you and me (sunshinii) wrote in vaginapagina,
A lil' bit of you and me

Pregnancy ? Implantation Bleeding ? HELP !

Okay so , here's the deal : my period is pretty much 4 days late .

Starting from the beginning ... when my SO and I have sex we always use some form of contraceptive method , either condoms or withdrawal . However with that said , I know there were a couple instances over the past month where after we finished , and i got off of him , the condom came with me . It got stuck in me , and became very messy . No doubt to say semen was all over my vagina . I know that this , along with withdrawal could potentially lead to pregnancy .

Usually I'm not worried , but this time around , my period is 4 days late ... I'm usually very regular , never missing a period and always on time by differences of merely a day . It was supposed to come on the 4th , but now it's already the 10th . I've always had cramps on and off for a couple days before I actually start bleeding , so I was pretty relieved when I started cramping up two days ago (hence, the 4 days late , not 6) . Today , when I wiped , I noticed a bit of pink , but it was definitely unusual because all the other times it came , it came like a river . Literally . There would be no stopping it , it would soak through my undies and onto my pants in minutes , and I usually have to use a maxi to keep up with it . When it came , it came . But it is now 2am , and HOURS since the pink discharge , and I have nothing but a patch of drying brownness ...

I have strong suspicions that this might be implantation bleeding ... However I wasn't sure if implantation bleeding was accompanied by cramps also ?

I'm thinking of taking a HPT soon , in a couple more days when I'm more sure of where my body is in terms of its menstrual cycle , so of course I'll find out . However living with very conservative parents and being an only daughter , my mom is very nosy when it comes to things like this . It would not be unusual for her to casually ask me if I've received my period yet ,and the evidence would be right there in the waste basket .(creepy , I know) But being pregnant is a definite no-no and if I were I would have to get an abortion (which I am ok with) so I would have to know as soon as I can to hopefully think of excuses to my mother .

If it helps , I was also feeling a little nauseous and puke-ish a couple days ago . I blamed it on food poisoning since it was a one-time deal and I slept it off that night . Could it be somehow related ?

I'm SO sorry for the ramble , but I'm seriously freaking out right now and any insight anyone could share would be greatly GREATLY appreciated !! Thank you in advance !
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