she comes and goes (comes_and_goes) wrote in vaginapagina,
she comes and goes


I decided to get an IUD and settled on Mirena; had my insertion on the 21st of September. I chose mirena because it sounded like the side effects were a lot mellower, but ive been having one major problem ; I'm still bleeding.

I bled a little after insertion, then had some very light spotting, then started what seemed like my normal period about 2 days later. Only it's never ended. The bleeding is fairly light; light enough that I dont feel comfortable using a tampon. I've just been using a panty line, changing twice a day, and that's been able to absorb it. About two days ago my breasts started to feel tender.. now they're swollen and my nipples are way too sensitive, to the point where I cringe when my partner touches them.

Has anyone else been through this? Have some advice or tips to share? 
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