Shkigga (shkigga1203) wrote in vaginapagina,

Carrying pills around

So I have been trying to turn my life into purse free one.  I recently bought a pocket size wallet and everything.  Now my problem: it was always nice to have a purse for the main reason of carrying my birth control around with me at all times (and sneaking food into the movies of course).

I have been considering getting one of those mini altoid containers and popping my pills into it (along with lactaid pills and maybe some advil).  I would then keep the container in my pocket

I am on the generic version of ortho tri cyclen lo, and was wondering if carrying them in my pocket would render the pills useless due to the temperature limit on them.  If I'm not mistaken it said not to exceed 77 degrees.. would the heat radiating off my body effect this?

Anyone have any other solutions? Or will I need to carry a purse for the rest of my life?

[I like the time I take my pill now, though I'm usually not at home.  I guess I could change my pill taking time if I need to, but would like to try to stick with my 3:50pm time if I can]
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