Solestria (solestria) wrote in vaginapagina,

VVS, anatomy, and Alexander Technique

Hey all,

I'm looking for anecdotes and suggestions. I have vulvar vestibulitis; the surface pain is pretty well controlled with capsaicin, but my pelvic floor muscles are rather a mess, and I'd like to fix that. I'm considering working with an Alexander Technique teacher to help with that. Has anyone worked with AT or Feldenkrais to affect their pelvic floor? I'd love to hear any experiences; the teacher I've talked to explained briefly how you can work indirectly with them to limit the amount of stress you're putting on them, and I love the idea of working on things I can do rather than simply seeing a chiropractor or PT for more external help (and I also have no insurance).

Trying to work on my pelvic floor, I'd like to get a better idea of what's in there and how it all works. I'd love to get some good recommendations on resources, ways I can figure out what muscles are involved when I occasionally spasm after sex or during my period. I'm also considering buying The Female Pelvis: Anatomy & Exercises. Has anyone checked this out?

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