Adela (adela80) wrote in vaginapagina,

Poplularity of different BC methods

I've seen lots of facts and figures about which BC methods are most effective, but does anyone know where to find figures on what percentages of women use different methodd (eg. 40% of women of reproductive age use the pill, 20% use the cap, 5% use nothing, whatever).

I was looking at this (possibly dodgy) new study suggesting that the Pill has led women to fancy more "feminine" men than they used to (film stars used to be a lot more rugged, etc.) and it just made me think that this misses the rather obvious point that at any given time most women aren't ON the Pill. . . and it just got me thinking. 

Anyone have any stats on contraceptive use and the popularity of different methods (in the USA, UK or Western world in general)?
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