The Wolf's Lair (airenwoodmoon) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Wolf's Lair

Clitoris likes to escape its hood and is painful. Help?

Hi all! Random little weird question mostly because I've been dealing with it all day so far and it's about to drive me up a wall.

Occasionally my clitoris likes to poke out from under its hood and when it does this it's so incredibly painful to move around or even sit. It has nothing to do with sexual desire, and really does like to occur randomly.

The first time it did this was sometime when I was a kid after horseback riding. I thought I had broken myself. XD It seems to like to do it around my period the most, but that's not a set rule. (Although it is the case today. Yay for my body ignoring the Patch!)

Anyway, I've tried looking stuff up about it and all I find are things dealing with YIs or smegma building up under the hood. But that never seems to be the case- when I look at it there's no redness, no smegma, it's not swollen; the only difference between how it is normally and when it's pissed off is that the hood is open and drawn back and I can see my clitoris just chilling there.

I know all the pain is from stuff actually being able to touch the poor clit directly, but any ideas on why the heck this happens? Or anything to make it stop, short of holding the hood closed with my fingers, which works but I can't really do that while I'm at work?

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