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QueenC's Writings

My itchy swollen vagina is making me crazy.

This is my first post here so let me know if I'm doing it wrong.

My vagina has been itching and swollen for the past few days and not only is it freaking me out, but it's also driving me nuts cause it's itchy on the inside where I can't put over the counter creams. I've been looking all over the net trying to figure this out and I've narrowed it down to a few things and I'm hoping you ladies have more input for me than the hard to read medical websites I found.

Here's my personal info; I'm 31 and in first sexual relationship (his second). I had a pap less than a month ago that came back clear. I'm also on my second month of birth control, 2nd kind (Cryselle 28 made me nuts, now on Loestrin 24 Fe).

I know the usual suspect in something like this is yeast infection, but I haven't had any of the other symptoms. No discharge, no cloudy urine or pain during sex (actually, sex makes it feel better cause it scratches the itch). I've had a YI before and it doesn't feel like that though that was before I was sexually active so I don't know, do they change? I've stocked up on yogurt as a precaution.

I know it's not a latex allergy cause we don't use condoms (not smart, I know) and I don't think it's an STD cause he's never shown any signs of anything and his prior relationship (he was her second) lasted for 5 years, though he's never been tested.

I'm wondering if its not birth control pill related. Has anyone ever heard of a pill causing this? I just finished my first month (white pills) on Loestrin 24 Fe and while I haven't had my period yet, I did have (red) spotting 2 weeks into the new pill and for over a week. I don't have regular periods on my own very often and on the pill (in the beginning) usually they are heavy and bad. I guess there is always the slim chance I could be pregnant but I've never heard of this as a symptom. Plus given my wacked out body schedule, fatness, and his small (very small) kibbles and bits, I don't think we're gonna be that reproductively lucky.

What I'm really afraid it is is semen allergy. Up until this past Friday he'd been pulling out but we were close enough to the 3 week mark my doctor gave us (for pill effectiveness) that I told him to go ahead that night. I kinda noticed something going on downstairs later on that night but I though it was just cause I didn't get to get mine. Then on Sunday he commented that I felt different inside and I really didn't pay much attention at the time cause I was too busy getting mine. He came inside me again and now flash to today where I'm on day 3 of itchy, swollen vag. Does semen allergy usually take this long to manafest? How long does it take to go away? Can I like take a benedryl? Part of me wants to put my theory to the test and jump him but then if I'm right, I'm afraid of how bad 3 times will feel.

Sorry if I got all rambling and TMI on this. I seriously have no one else to talk to.
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