omgamandaa (omgamandaa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible BV?

So back in August I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, because I got a UTI and didnt realize it and it progressed. I only have one kidney, so it was pretty serious. Anyway, after that, I thought the antibiotics gave me a yeast infection because I was having a very strange discharge, some very mild itching, and a very musky odor. So I did the treatment for it but it didnt stop so I assumed I needed to try again and I did, but it still didnt stop. So I gave up and assumed maybe my body was just changing.

But a few days ago my boyfriend mentioned to me that my Vag kind of smells. He was very sweet about it and he just wanted to let me know. Now my past boyfriends have NEVER complained so, I figured maybe this is because of what happened in August. He couldnt really remember when the problem started though.

My discharge is white and kind of chunky sometimes, but then others its yellowy and thick. The smell is the worst part though. I shower every other day and I dont think I should have such a bad smell. After a shower, im usually fine for about an hour or so, and even longer if im just sitting in pajamas at home, but if im out, and especially if im getting turned on and having more discharge than usual, then it comes quickly. Even cleaning up during the day doesnt stop the smell.

Could this possibly be BV or is it something else?
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