Lorra (opium) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pad allergy??


This is a strange question I think - is it possible to be allergic to a pad? I am very itchy and red around my labia majora, and nearer to the back some of my skin was actually peeling a bit - I was wondering if I was just having issues because normally I shave and I haven't for a little while, or if it's due to the pad - I have had no problems prior to having my period, and something similar happened last time - I don't normally use these pads - usually I use biodegradable ones but I was stuck and bought some Stayfree.

So, do you think it's possible? I just shaved and used some cream to sooth the itch. My period is pretty much done so I guess I will see if it goes away. Has anyone heard of/had this happen for that reason? I know I don't have any other issues down there but I suppose it could be a yeast infection. I don't have discharge, though.

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