Erin (curious__george) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sprintec (Ortho Cyclen) VS Ortho Evra

I was taken off Solia (Desogen generic) and placed on Sprintec (I think it's a generic for Ortho Cyclen, but correct me if I'm wrong). I was placed on the Sprintec to find a pill with a similar hormone level to Ortho Evra (the Patch) - which my doctor said he got as close to it as he could. But I've looked online to find that Sprintec appears to be a low-dose hormone, like the Solia. Does anyone know if that is true? Or, do they know the levels of hormones in comparison for Sprintec VS. the Patch? (My doc and I are trying to figure out why I'm having severe ovarian pain, and thought since I did well on the Ortho Evra, without pain [placed on it originally for an ovarian cyst], that maybe if I got placed back on another high hormone level that it may help with whatever is going on) Also, has anyone used this BC (the Sprintec [not Tri-Sprintec, since I'm not on that]). I just started my first pill today, and while I've only been on two BC's before, I'm naturally a little afraid of the side effects (haven't had any with the patch or Solia).

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