Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

garlic + yeast infection experience. probably TMI.

the experience so far has been... interesting.

one of last night's cloves/segments came out blue, at which point i almost peed myself freaking out and then jumped online trying to figure out what that could be. did you know if you google "garlic clove yeast infection blue" vaginapagina is one of the first results? apparently i'm just acidic, and that changes garlic's color.

i no longer feel itchy, which is REALLY GOOD. i don't yet know if the yeast infection is *gone*, because this morning upon removal of the cloves, i noticed a lot of... goop? in there. so, about lunchtime, i put two more in. my discharge has gotten, obviously, very garlic-y (in scent; i'm afraid to taste it), but it seems to be just discharge now, and not yeast infection crud. and it's been going down. i'm actually semi-excited about switching to more tonight just because these ones may also be blue, and that amuses me.

i can taste garlic, faintly. i can also smell it in my sweat - so my underarms smell like garlic. thankfully, i like garlic. if you're someone who doesn't like it, you may want to just use it at night, although i'm pretty sure there'd be a faint scent anyway. also, i don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but i wear contact lenses and i did notice that my eyes felt a bit... mentholated or iriitated today, like perhaps some of the garlic-ness is in my eyes or eye secretions or whatever. it's not from touching them, i made sure. it's not a major problem, but it's a bit annoying. if i have a yeast infection in the future and use garlic i'll probably wear my glasses for a day or two.

it burned just a bit both times on insertion - not nearly as much as topical yeast infection cream has in the past, so i'm not going to complain there. and if you don't make sure to get it far enough up there, you're at the risk of it attempting to escape when you're using the restroom. that was fun. um... if i'd known how hard it was to get the garlic smell off my hands, i would have used a glove for the whole peeling/inserting/removing process.

all in all, i think i'm pretty happy with garlic, personally. unless something goes drastically wrong in the next 24 hours, i'll recommend it to anyone i know with a yeast infection.

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