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FAM, Attitudes, and Health Care Providers

This Thursday, I have an appointment with my GP for my pelvic exam and pap smear. It is my first appointment with this doctor since returning to FAM. The last time I saw him, to get a referral for a pain condition, I had a Mirena IUD in place. Since the last item in my records is almost certainly my expulsion, faxed over from the urgent care facility, I expect he'll ask about my current contraception.

While I don't have any reason to distrust this doctor in particular, I have had: a) bad experiences with doctors in general; b) experience with people having misinformed, prejudicial, and condescending attitudes toward fertility awareness. And since he's a GP who doesn't seem to be so familiar with not-so-Westernized contraception, I can see him thinking this way even if I have no specific reason to suspect it. So I am more than a little anxious about telling my doc I'm now using FAM.

When I checked posts in other communities regarding this topic, the standard answer seemed to be, "Find a new doctor -- or, better yet, a midwife." I certainly agree with this advice in theory, but what happens when that's not an option?

My GP manages and/or coordinates my care for a couple of different health conditions, and he's been thoroughly knowledgeable, sensible, and accommodating about those. Finding a new GP would be a hassle and a setback with which I'd rather not deal. Additionally, with my HMO, I'm only allowed to change primary care providers once a plan year (which started October 1). So I could change once but not again until October 2010, even if the second doctor ended up having the same (or a worse) attitude about fertility awareness.

Because of this, I'd like to explore other ways to ensure that my PCP is on board with -- or at least respectful of -- me using FAM. I mean, I should be able to just say, "I've studied my full range of options. I'm aware of the risks and benefits of this method compared to the risks and benefits of other methods. I'm confident in my ability to conscientiously monitor and interpret my cycle signs, and my both partner and I are confident in our ability to adjust our sexual activities accordingly. We're making informed choices to use this method, and that is ultimately what matters."

I'm also not above throwing out, "Seriously, can you name a statistically more effective reversible method that I haven't tried?" It is kind of my trump card.

Any other ideas on how to work with a potentially FAM-unfriendly doctor -- without switching providers?


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