Katya (foureyedgirl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Horribly sick and spotting..HBC related?

For most of the day I have felt like death. Last night after a dinner of hamburger I started having a lot of stomach pain. I went to bed and I woke up around 1 am with tremendous stomach pain and writhed around for several hours before finally getting some relief after taking some TUMS quick pack powder and then falling asleep. I woke up at ten AM and felt okay so I showered and got ready for work. Before leaving my house I got very angry and had a fit I guess you could say (just mentioning this in case it could be related).

When I finally got in my car I started to feel nauseated. I started to feel so nauseated that I knew I couldn't go to work like this. I went home and got into bed. The nausea worsened along with stomach pain. I also have gone to the bathroom several times with very loose stools. I checked my temperature and at it's highest it was 99.4 (currently 99.3). I've fallen asleep here and there and stayed in bed all day. I woke up an hour ago feeling a tiny bit better..the nausea seems to have gone but my stomach is hurting and I've got an awful headache and I still feel very weak. Something that also concerned me was that earlier today I noticed I was spotting. I almost never spot. Could all of these symptoms and the spotting be related and mean something worse, or just a coincidence? I'm on Microgestin Fe 1/20.
Has anyone ever experienced this?

About twenty minutes ago I started vomiting as well.
Won't be going to school or work either.
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