Myprettylife (myprettylife) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnant? please no. please no. please no.

Okay, so my period has been MIA since July. I don't remember the exact week but i wanna say it was def. the later part of July. But i've screwed up my birth control a lot since then (long story). Anyways i've taken 2 pregnancy tests around the beginning of September and both came up Negative. I had taken one, and then waited another 7 days and took the other.

But last night, i went to the bathroom, and there was blood. And i had cramps all last night, and so when i woke up this morning- i was def. expecting a normal flow, but it is still really light. Like so light to where it looks like the day after your period ends.

Oh and before i was on Birth Control (Ortho tri cyclen lo) my period was really screwed up, like i could easily go a few months without it. But i've been on bc for so long now, i figured that even if i had stopped my cycle would still be pretty regular.
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